Pricing & Info

Pricing & Info

* There is a minimum of 2 Dozen*
Note: You can combine different package options to reach the minimum!

2 Dozen Minimum
Up to 3 different designs
White + up to 3 other colors
Minimal Details

2 Dozen Minimum
Up to 5 different designs
White + up to 5 other colors
Gold Painting & Airbrushing
A lot of writing

2 Dozen Minimum
Up to 5 different designs
White + up tp 5 other colors
Gold Painting & Airbrushing
Line Drawn Characters

2 Dozen Minimum
Up to 3 different basic designs
White + 2-3 other colors
*Most order as Add-On Item, Most pictures show them added in with above Packages!*

6 Minimum
Can do designs to fit most themes
Each comes with edible Paint Palette & Brush


Add Ribbon $5/ Dozen
Add Ribbon + Custom Tag $8/ Dozen


Sprinkle Confetti
Cinnamon Spice

How To Order Custom Sugar Cookies!

First fill out this order form! After submitting the order form I will contact the following Monday via the way you selected to be contacted on the form. Filling out the form does not ensure your order. I fully book about 4-8 weeks out! We will then go over details of your order to make sure I have everything I need to make your cookies amazing! All orders are for PICKUP or SHIPPING(to NY) only from my home in Weedsport, NY. Payments are required 2 weeks before order is scheduled for pickup. I will send a reminder on the payment due date but if payment is not received and I have not heard from you then your order will be cancelled. All payments are sent via PayPal invoices! Thank you for looking into JordanAshley Bakery for all your cookie needs!

** If you do not have a theme or design yet picked out for your event but you’d like to guarantee a spot on my calendar PLEASE fill out the form to hold your spot! I dont need exact details until 3-4 weeks prior to your event! **